About WooCurve

We Help WooCommerce Stores make more money.

Our software helps your WooCommerce sales funnel by giving you higher converting checkout pages and post purchase one click upsells.

Meet the Team

Chris - Co-Founder

Marketing | Runs the Business

Bogdan - Co-Founder

Development | Runs the Tech


Marketing Manager


Tech & Customer Support


Tech & Customer Support

The WooCurve Story

Want to know how this whole thing started?

Awesome, I'll tell you. This is Chris by the way. :-)

In early 2016, I was helping a long time client switch over to WooCommerce. I'm a marketer who gets tech...but I had to bring in some help to make the switch.

While all that "tech stuff" was going on, I got to work setting up and building the marketing funnels. I quickly realized WooCommerce had some serious limitations.

One of the biggest limitations was there was no post purchase one click upsell. 

I connected with Bogdan in a WooCommerce forum and hired him to build what would become an early version of our product One Click Upsells. 

Bogdan and I both knew that other businesses needed a product like this. So we decided to team up. He would handle all the tech. I would handle the marketing and business. 

And not long after that we launched Handsome Checkout.

Today our products are installed on thousands of sites. And One Click Upsells alone has generated 8 figures in additional combined revenue for our customers!

We built WooCurve from scratch. No investors. No debt. 

We're all in on helping our customers become the most profitable group of WooCommerce users on the planet! 

To your success,


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