How to Increase Conversions on Your WooCommerce Store

WooCommerce Store Sales Increase

What do you think of when you hear the word “conversion” in relation to your WooCommerce store?

Every business wants more conversions, but conversions to what?

See there are two types of conversions that most businesses are after.

A SALES conversion. And a LEAD conversion.

A lead conversion is when you add a lead or prospect to your sales pipeline.

A sales conversion is making the sale. And honestly, these are the types of conversions that excite me most. It’s true you need leads to make sales. But in the article I’m going to give you a few essential tools to increase your SALES conversions.

The cool thing is that you can also use what I’m about to show you to help increase the number of leads you convert too.

Before we go further there is one thing you need to understand. This is a topic where you want to focus in on strategy. A good strategy or framework can help you generate dozens of tactical ideas.

And in this article you will learn about four frameworks that will consistently bring you more sales. You will not learn some hyped up version of the latest “ninja” tactic that works for a week. I’m all about using what has worked for decades and in some cases…centuries.

Fair enough?

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Increase WooCommerce Conversions With These Three Strategies

1. Sell What Your Prospect Wants, Not What You Have

As a business owner you are in the business of solving problems for your prospects. That means you have to know their problems better than they do. Then you have to position your product as the best solution for that problem.

Here’s an exercise that will help you.

List out all the features and benefits of your product. A feature is what your product does. A benefit is why someone should care. Once you have your list, it’s time to really get to work.

List all your benefits in one column then add three more columns to the right.

At the top of these new columns write “So What?” Like this:

Benefit So What? So What? So What?

For each benefit, answer the question “so what?”…then when you have an answer, ask “so what?” again.

Here’s what you’ll find…after three levels of asking “so what?” you’ll start getting to the real benefit. The real problem your prospect is trying to solve.

Here’s an example for a product most of us would consider boring. An air purifier.

Let’s say that one of the features is a state of the art charcoal filter. Here’s how the process above works.

Benefit So What? So What? So What?
Makes the air in your home clean Your home will always smell fresh and clean Your house won’t smell when you invite friends over Your friends will want to be like you

Do you see how that works? Instead of just saying “make your home smell great” we can tap into the real problem that all humans want to solve. They just want to be liked.

Show that your product solves THAT problem and watch your sales go up.

2. People Must Act NOW

You must always give people a reason to act right now. Even if their choice is to pass on your offer.

Offering One Click Upsells is one of the best ways to use this strategy. But you can also use tools like Deadline Funnel to offer limited time promotions and bonuses for anyone who wants to make a buying decision in the next 30 days.

Every month there are reasons for special offers. And they don’t have to be discounts. In fact, we have an entire article on why you want to avoid discounts and what do to instead.

I call it the Reverse Flash Sale.
Here are just a few “basic reasons” you can use when giving a reason to act now:

  • January – New Year
  • February – Valentines Day
  • March – Spring, St. Patricks Day
  • April – Spring, Warmer Weather
  • May – Cinco de Mayo, Memorial Day
  • June – Celebrate Summer
  • July – Fourth of July
  • August – End of Summer, Back to School
  • September – Fall
  • October – Halloween
  • November – Black Friday
  • December – Holidays

3. Follow Up

Most people will not buy from you the first time they visit your store or click on a promotion in your email.

You have to segment your customers from your prospects so you can follow up with the right message. You want to talk differently to someone who has purchased five products from you than you do to someone who has never purchased anything from you.

The way you follow up is up to you but here’s what I recommend.

Email ===> specifically, if you run a promotion to a segment of your list you want to follow up with your non-buyers and ask them why they didn’t buy. Set up a simple one question survey and ask them. This will give you ideas on how to position your product that you never could have come up with on your own.

In addition to this survey, you also want to follow up with more sales and promotions. Consistently make offers. Conversions only happen when an offer is made. So make them.

Retargeting ===> You can follow up with your non buyers through retargeting too. Showing them images of what they were looking at on your store as a reminder is a really powerful strategy.

One of my favorite ways to retarget is using testimonials. Use testimonials of people who bought solved their problem using your product(s). This is Proof Marketing and it trumps features and benefits all day long.

If you can ever show proof that your products work – do it.

Putting it Into Action for More WooCommerce Conversions

There’s a lot to take in here so let me boil it down for you in a simple to do list.

  1. Create your features, benefits and so what list. Remember to do three levels of “so what?”
  2. Come up with one reason you can give your prospects to make a buying decision right now.
  3. Follow up with everyone who doesn’t buy either through email or retargeting.

Even if you can only implement one of these strategies, you will notice an increase in sales conversions. In my experience the strategy that will give you quickest boost in sales is giving people a reason to act now.

If you can only implement one idea, do that one first.


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