Two Words that Will KILL Your Upsell

Want to know the two words that will absolutely kill your upsell conversions?

It’s interesting because the words themselves are actually kind of nice. Some might even say “cute.” Not me…but some.

Isn’t it odd that a cute, nice, two word phrase can do so much damage? I’m talking napalm in a paper factory damage.

The two words I’m referring to are “Thank You.”

See when your customer makes a purchase and they’re presented with a big “Thank You!” – that’s a signal that they are done. Complete.

You just told them they don’t have to do anything else. They’re even less interested in your one time offer.

Here’s how you fix it…

Instead if you use a phrase like “Almost Done” or “Step 1 Complete. Please complete Step 2.” – you let them know that there’s something else that needs their attention.

It’s a small shift but you’ll see your sales go up if you make the change.

Now if you really want to say “Thank You” here’s how you can combine the two approaches.

After the initial purchase your copy or video should read “Thank you – Please confirm your order below.”

A quick thank you followed by a message that their attention is required below will perform better than “Thank You” by itself.

Test it for a week and let me know how it goes.

For more help on presenting your upsells to your customers, be sure to download our Upsell Checklist. 

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Chris Mason