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Do You Know the Most Important Page in Your WooCommerce Funnel?

​The most important page in your WooCommerce funnel isn’t what you think. See most people look at the question above and they think the answer is the sales or storefront page. And at first glance you might agree. But if you look a little deeper, you'll see something else.

NOTICE: This is what separates the Pros from the Amateurs.

Pros know that the page that will make or break a sale is the checkout page. Think about it. If a customer lands on a checkout page that doesn't look like it can be trusted or seems a little "off", they will leave. FAST.They'll never see your upsells. They'll second guess you at every turn. The checkout page is where the sale is made.The bad news for many WooCommerce users is this -- creating a new checkout page isn’t easy. It requires constant tweaking, buying new themes or maybe even hiring an expensive developer.

But what if you could log in to your site, choose from a list of tested, high converting checkout pages and with one click, have a new checkout page for one or all of your products in seconds?

Well, we wanted to make it easy for WooCommerce users to have gorgeous, high converting checkout pages without hiring expensive developers.

And that’s why we created Handsome Checkout...

Rudy Mawer One Click Upsells Review

Rudy Mawer

Elite Sports Nutritionist & Trainer

Our sales jumped over 100% as soon as we started using Handsome Checkout and One Click Upsells. Total game changer for our business. The checkout page designs just work and the whole thing is so easy to use. Do yourself a favor and get Handsome Checkout today.

Introducing Embedded Checkout Forms!

Turn any page into a sales page by embedding a WooCommerce checkout form. You control everything from the colors to the fields that are shown. You can even create one step or two step forms. See it in action below.

What Else Comes with
Handsome Checkout?

The Multi Product Template

One template for ALL your products? The Multi Product template was designed to make every product in your store look amazing! Whether your customer is buying one product or 100, the Multi Product template has you covered. 

Handsome Checkout Multi Product

Abandoned Cart

Handsome Checkout will tell you who started to make a purchase from your store, what product(s) they were thinking about buying and how many. From there you can automate a follow up or just download a CSV.

Adjust Quantity and Variations

You now have the option to highlight and pre-select a set quantity for any product directly on your checkout page. Your customer can also adjust the quantity and variations of a product as well.

Handsome Upsell Order Bump

Add an Order Bump

Handsome Checkout lets you add Order Bumps to any checkout page. Order Bumps are powerful. They're a great way to increase the average order value (AOV) of your shopping cart. It's the perfect addition to your sales funnel and it's only available through Handsome Checkout.

Choose from Our Growing Library of Templates

With Handsome Checkout you choose from our library of high converting templates. Just select the one you like best and you’re done. You get to add the text, images and testimonials you want. Also choose which fields to show and hide. And for you coders, you can even add your own CSS. Do as much or as little customization as you want.

Handsome checkout templates

WooCommerce Checkout Page Settings

Replace Your Default WooCommerce Checkout Page

Want to use one of our templates as your default checkout page? Easy. Without ever having to hire a developer, we give you the option to set up your WooCommerce store the way you want.

Mobile Responsive

All our templates are built for mobile first. That means we focus on giving your customers the best mobile experience before anything else. It’s not something you should have to worry about. We do all the heavy lifting so you can focus on running your business.

Checkout Page Mobile Responsive

One Click Upsells

Works with One Click Upsells

Are you one of the thousands using our One Click Upsells product? If so, you’ll love how easy it is to have total control over your WooCommerce funnel with both Handsome Checkout and One Click Upsells. If you’re like most people, once you add our high converting checkout pages to your funnel, you’ll likely see a bump in your upsell revenue too.

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Chris is an expert in all things WooCommerce! 

Ryan Lee Rewind Superbars | Freedym

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Built Exclusively for WooCommerce

We love WooCommerce. Our focus is on building products that increase sales for WooCommerce store owners.

How Exactly Does
Handsome Checkout Work?

The battle tested templates and features inside Handsome Checkout can be set up and used in a few different ways. And you have 100% freedom when it comes to choosing the options that are best for you…

Replace Your Default Checkout Page

With Handsome Checkout it's easy to use one of our checkout page templates for your entire store. With this setup, every customer in your store will go through your easy to use checkout page, instead of the standard page that comes with WooCommerce.

But that's just the beginning...

Create Product Specific Checkout Pages 

Need a checkout page for an upcoming promotion? When you set up a checkout page for a single product or product bundle, Handsome Checkout gives you a link that you can use anywhere hyperlinks are supported. 

That means if you want to run a promotion or product launch, you can create a checkout page exclusively for that event.

Link to your checkout page on your custom sales pages, in your emails, on your home page, without impacting the default checkout experience for the products in your WooCommerce store.

Automatically Redirect Store Products to Their Own Checkout Page Using Skip Cart

Skip Cart is a premium add-on, that lets you skip the View Cart page and turn any “Add to Cart” button into a “Buy Now” button with a couple of clicks. 

For a limited time Skip Cart is included with every purchase of Handsome Checkout.

Want to See Handsome Checkout
in Action?

Ryan Debell Handsome Checkout review


The Movement Fix

Dude, Chris, Handsome Checkout is freaking awesome! You guys make woo wayyy better.

Even More Profit Boosting Features 

Customize Your Trust Points

Easily update all Privacy, Security and Guarantee texts with our "Trust Points" setting

Translation Is Built In

Translate all text lines to your customer’s language

Display All Order Details

Show taxes, shipping info, discounts and more right on the page

No Coding Required

Building your checkout page is as simple as point and click.

Designed for Conversion

Our templates are battle tested so you can focus on growing your business.

Add Your Own CSS

Want to add your own code? Although not required we give you this option as well.

Works with Any Theme

Handsome Checkout templates will work with any Wordpress theme.

Two Step Checkout

Using micro-commitments? Two templates offer a "two step" checkout experience for your customers.  


If you're unhappy for any reason during your first 30 days let us know.

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Supporting Your Success

Our support team is there for you every step of the way. Our products come with premium support included. You don’t have to pay extra for support or updates. Reach out anytime.

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