How to enable paypal reference transactions

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If you are using One Click Upsells for WooCommerce or any other platform, PayPal requires that you enable "reference transactions" on your account.

If you are a WooCurve or WooFunnels customer with a U.S. based account, we can take care of that for you through our partnership with PayPal.

Click here to submit your request.

Alternatively you can make the request for your business from your PayPal account. 

To Do This:

  • 1
    Log into your PayPal account
  • 2
    Go to the Email Contact Form
  • 3
    Choose topic: My Account
  • 4
    Choose sub-topic: Changing/Updating Account Information
  • 5
     Copy and paste the message below, inserting your PayPal email address and name.
  • 6
    Wait for a reply

Here's the message you can copy:

"Hi there. I'd like to start offering post purchase one click upsells in my WooCommerce store for my PayPal customers. Can you please enable reference transactions for my account? My PayPal address is [insert address].

Thank you!"

Let them know you are going to start offering post purchase one click upsells in your online business and need reference transactions enabled.

PayPal will make a decision within 48 hours.

While enabling reference transactions is the best way to offer post purchase one click upsells using PayPal, we also have an alternative for you if PayPal decides to deny your request.

Inside WooFunnels you will see an option to enable upsells without PayPal reference transactions. 

When purchasing, your customer will be redirected to PayPal to accept the charge for your upsells. This is not ideal but it is infinitely better than not being able to use post purchase upsells for your PayPal customers.