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BIG NEWS: WooCurve has teamed up with WooFunnels to bring you the best conversion tools on the planet. Learn more about our new One Click Upsell solution UpStroke below!

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Tony Kowalick - Vexxen Labs

Tony Kowalick

Vaxxen Labs

We had been using One-Click Upsell from another company. I received your email and instantly purchased Upstroke. I built first funnel in 15 minutes vs HOURS it took on the other system. Absolutely AMAZING plugin. I’m excited, this is a ground breaking product!

Powerful WooCommerce Sales Funnel

Boosts Sales in Less than 24 Hours
and Runs on Autopilot

Dear Fellow WooCommerce Store Owner,

Do you know the fastest way to boost your sales?

You don’t have to guess. Take a look...

Chris Mason of WooCurve

Hey my name is Chris Mason and for years, I’ve run my own WooCommerce store. I have a couple actually, in two different niches. 

Why the heck am I telling you this?!

Because I want to show you how you can increase your WooCommerce sales by 15, 20 or even 30% WITHOUT paying for new customers.

So if you’re doing $5,000/mo and you get a 15% bump in sales, you’ve jumped to $6,500/mo without a lot of extra effort or money. 

And it's important you know that everything you’re about to learn comes from experience. 

This isn’t theory. I actually do this stuff and I’ll show you how right now!

Copy This 103 Year Old Marketing Funnel?

If you go back 100 years, you’ll see something familiar. 

In an effort to boost sales, businesses ran offers for “entry level” products to new customers. And after those customers bought their first product, they were offered another product that added extra value.

A customer may have come in for the sale on hats but she walked out with a pair of gloves she didn’t plan on buying. And she was excited about it!


This is called an upsell and it has been a part of business since forever. It’s not new no matter what anyone else tells you.

Upsells increase your Average Order Value (AOV) so you earn more from every customer that comes through your store. And you can do this with the customers you already have!

Upsells just work. Here’s why.

You Don't Need More Customers.
Stop Over Paying For Ads.

When your customer buys your product, their brain naturally releases a chemical called dopamine. 

Dopamine is our “feel good” chemical. And as you might expect it feels awesome!



If you've ever felt really excited about buying something, you've experienced dopamine.

When your customer is in this state of mind, their trust in you will never be higher.

I mean, they just entered their credit card and gave you money right? Congratulations!

Most stores at this point just show a thank you page with an order summary. This is what your competitors are doing.

But if you just show customers a thank you page right away, you’re missing out big time. I’ll tell you why...

This is the PERFECT time to offer a one time offer (OTO) as a post purchase one click upsell...

BEFORE they reach your “Thank You Page” but AFTER they’ve paid.

We all know it’s easier to sell to an existing customer than it is to acquire a new one right?

So why not make an offer (or two) when they trust you the most?

Post Purchase One Click Upsells gives you this option.

You generate more revenue with the customers you already have! You don't need to spend more on traffic.

That’s the good news!

The Problem With WooCommerce

Now the bad news.

The problem that you and I face as WooCommerce business owners, is this…

Post purchase one click upsells aren’t built in.

And as a store owner myself I knew that I was leaving TONS of money on the table.

I was actually being punished for using WooCommerce! Very frustrating. 

So I got fed up. I teamed up with a developer and we built the solution ourselves.


We actually sold it to other stores under the name WooCurve. It worked but it was plagued with constant bugs and support issues.

There had to be a better way…

Soon I parted ways with that developer and I came across Upstroke by WooFunnels.

THIS is what I’d been looking for!

The Best One Click Upsell Solution on the Planet

I connected with the WooFunnels team and we decided to form an alliance. 

It was obvious we could do more for the WooCommerce community by working together.

WooCurve build Woo Funnels

So if you’re looking for the secret to boost your sales...there’s no secret.

Add Upstroke to your store and get more from every single customer who comes through your store today.

You don’t have to be doing $1 million dollars to start growing right away.

Any business at any level can earn more by using Upstroke - the best One Click Upsells solution for WooCommerce. 

Take a look below and see for yourself.

Ryan Lee

Ryan Lee

Rewind Superbars

Chris is an expert in all things WooCommerce.

How It Works

STEP 1: It all starts by choosing a name for your funnel, then choosing your funnel's first product. You can trigger your funnel by products, categories and more. See below.

STEP 2: Next you choose the product you want to offer AFTER your customer makes their first purchase. You can offer a one time discount and even create a custom checkout page. Or use the upsell templates we've designed for you.

STEP 3: Choose the second offer in your funnel. Show this offer if your customer says "NO" to your first offer. Or show it if they say YES or NO. You have complete control. And because you can create a custom offer page, you're free to use text or a Video Sales Letter.

WooCurve Upstroke funnel flow

And don't forget - your customer never has to enter their credit card information. They simply say "YES" or "NO" to your one time offers. When they say "YES" that's it...their card is automatically charged and their order updated.

Upstroke gives you complete control.

Want to See Upstroke in Action?


Start Making More Sales in Less than 24 Hours

Easy to install. Easy to setup. 

Here's Everything You Get

Easy Funnel Builder

The funnel builder is where you decide which upsell or downsell is offered to your customer. You can create as many offers as you want. And you choose what happens at each step of your funnel. Our Easy Funnel Builder also lets you make customizations to each offer along the way.

WooCurve Funnel Builder

WooCurve Upstroke Tracking

Smart Tracking and Reporting

Tracking and reporting for your one time offers is built into the core of One Click Upsells. If you want to see how much upsell revenue a funnel has generated, it’s easy. If you want to see upsell revenue for every funnel, it’s easy. And if you want to see which funnels are converting the highest and which ones are being abandoned by your customers, it’s….well you get the idea.

Facebook Pixel Integration

Easily track Facebook events on each upsell or downsell you offer. You can track whether an offer was viewed, abandoned or if there was a conversion event. This is true for any tracking pixel even if it's not Facebook.

WooCurve facebook pixel

WooCurve Quantity Upsell

Choose Your Upsell Quantity

Pre-select the quantity of your products for any upsell or downsell. Or let your customers choose. It’s up to you.

Custom Video or Text Upsell Pages

With One Click Upsells you can use any page builder to create the kind of page you want. Send your customers to an upsell OR downsell page that uses video, text...or BOTH! 

WooCurve templates

WooCurve Triggers

Smart Triggers

There are more than 12 ways to trigger your upsell funnel. With Smart Triggers you can set up your funnels to start based on individual products, product categories, product tags, customer's location or if it's their first time buyer. Plus a lot more!

Smart Skip Technology

What happens if your customer is buying the product you’re using for one of your upsells. With our Smart Skip Technology, you can hide that upsell based on the items already in the cart. We’ll skip that offer and move on to the next offer in your funnel. 

Woocurve Smart Skip

WooCurve Batching

Smart Batching

This feature gives you the option to combine your upsells with the order that's triggering your funnel or keep it separate. Combining orders is especially important for fulfillment. It makes sure all the items are part of the same order and will be shipped together. 

Funnel Priority

The Funnel Priority feature gives you the option to prioritize one upsell funnel over another. This is important if you have two products being purchased and they each have a different upsell sequence. Which one wins? This feature lets you set the priority so you have 100% control. 

WooCurve priority


Choose the Plan that's Best For You Below

You are protected by our money-back guarantee. If you're unhappy for any reason, let us know in the first 14 days and we'll issue you a refund no questions asked. 


“Basic tool for beginners who are just starting out and want to test one click upsells on their store.”



  • Unlimited One Click Upsell
  • FunnelsSeamlessly works with Stripe, Authorize.net CIM, Braintree, PayPal Standard & Express and PayPal Pro PayFlow
  • One year standard support
  • Use it on single site

“Essential tools for growing stores who want to closely track performance of their funnels and experiment new offers.”



  • Everything in Basic Plan Plus
  • Dynamic Shipping Addon: Calculate live shipping prices from carriers & add it to upsells
  • Upsell Reporting Addon: Track Success of your funnels
  • Use it on up to five sites

Change or Cancel plans anytime.

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