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Elite Entrepreneurs Show You EXACTLY How to Double Your WooCommerce Sales in 90 Days Using Their Most Guarded Secrets

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Day 1 Sessions

Lessons from Building a 7 Figure eCommerce Business

Steve Sashen

Steve runs Xero Shoes and is going to break down exactly how he built his company from nothing. We’ll talk about the tools and plugins he uses for WooCommerce and a whole lot more.

Finding and Eliminating the Silent Money Killers in Your Business

Brad Griffin

Brad is the go to mind for all things WooCommerce. He runs the most popular Facebook Group dedicated exclusively to WooCommerce. And in this session he will show you how your store is quietly losing money and how you can fix it. Most people miss this one but it can cost you big time!

Stealth Persuasion Secrets that Generate More Sales Every Time

Matt Fox

Matt runs Friction Free Sales and in this masterclass he walks us through the simple changes you can make to your store that will persuade more visitors to buy every single time.

How to Attract Thousands of Your Best Customer for Free Using This Inbound Marketing Blueprint

Nick Holland 

Nick Holland is the VP of Product at HubSpot and he will walk you through each step that’s required to build an effective inbound marketing strategy. Hubspot is the leader in this space and you will leave this session knowing what you need to do on day 1, 30, 90 and beyond. Get your pen and paper ready for this one!

How to Add Continuity and Recurring Revenue to Any Business

Ryan Lee 

Ryan Lee started his first online business in 1999. He’s launched 7 figure recurring revenue businesses in a number of niches. In this class he walks us through his latest business, Freedym University and shows you exactly how the continuity model he uses can work for your business.

Understanding with the Tech Side of Running a Membership Site

Bob Keen

Bob Keen runs Active Member 360 and iMember 360. With thousands of membership programs using his software, he’s learned a thing or two about how to set up the technical side of any membership product. And he’ll walk you through the steps you don’t want to skip...and the ones you want to avoid.

​By the way, Bob is a busy guy and doesn't have time to pose for photos. So we were lucky to snag some of his time! :-)

Six Figure Conversion Tweaks You Can Make Immediately

Jamie Marsland

Jamie runs PootlePress and has helped hundreds of businesses build their online stores using WooCommerce. He’s going to show us the difference between a store that generates six figures a year and the ones that just get by. Don’t miss this!

The Five Lifecycle Emails that Every Business Should Be Using

Beka Rice

Beka Rice is with and also runs She is going to share her most successful email sequences that will start producing more sales for any business. You can even grab some that are “copy and paste.” This is a very tactical session that you’ll want to revisit again and again. Beka really over delivers in this one.

How to Craft the Perfect Upsell

Chris Mason

In this session you’ll learn how to use upsells in a way that generate more sales but don’t hurt the experience for your customer. Upsells are the best way to increase sales for your business and if you’re not using them you are leaving money on the table - plain and simple. I’ll walk you through real world examples and numbers. Plus I’ll also give you some scripts you can use because positioning your upsell is the most important step.

Top Performing Organic, Social and Paid Traffic Strategies

Adam Wormann

Adam is THE traffic guy. He's been behind the scenes of some of the biggest products around. These are products that you would recognize immediately. In this session, he walks you through his process for putting together a campaign, tracking and more.

The Secret to Launching Products People Care About

Chris Lema

Chris Lema knows how to sell. He helped scale to 2,000 add-to-cart events per minute while he was the CTO of Crowd Favorite. Today he's the VP of Products at Liquid Web and is building a hosted WooCommerce offering. 

The Ultimate Webinar Funnel for eCommerce

Joel Erway

Joel Erway knows webinars. And webinars are one of the most powerful tools around for selling - especially if you want to sell a high ticket product. Joel has generated 8 figure results when you add up all the sales his webinar system has delivered for himself and his clients. In this session he’s going to show you how to structure your webinar, develop the perfect offer and conversion secrets that are battle tested.

Building a $150 Million Offline Business Using the Eternal Truths of Direct Marketing

Brian Kurtz

Brian Kurtz is a legend. He built the company Boardroom Inc. to $150 million using direct mail. And in this masterclass he is going to tell you how he did it. His expertise is in list segmentation and identifying your best customers. Once you know that, you’ve hit the jackpot. These are the customers who will make you rich...and Brian is here to show you how.

During this FREE Four Day Summit You'll Learn

  1. Which funnels you actually need in your business and which ones are a waste of time
  2. How to use webinars to sell high ticket products
  3. Stealth persuasion secrets that will nurture your prospects to buy from you again and again
  4. Five mistakes you're making with your upsells...and what to do about them
  5. How to add continuity and recurring revenue to your business
  6. List segmentation secrets that built a $150 million business...PLUS a lot more!

About the Summit

The “Double Your WooCommerce Sales in 90 Days” Summit is hosted by Chris Mason.

After years in the 9-5 grind, Chris finally grew his side business to the point where he could quit his day job. With a wife and two kids, it wasn't easy...but worth it.

Since then he has helped some of the biggest names in business launch their online stores in a variety of industries. 

If you're the smartest person in the're in the wrong room.