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2019’s Best WooCommerce Plugins

WooCommerce has quickly become one of the best platforms for small businesses looking to tap into the online retail market. One reason for this meteoric rise is the fact that WooCommerce is open-source, meaning that it’s easy to find plugins that help you make the most of your digital storefront. 

To help you find what you need, we’ve compiled a list of the best plugins for 2019. If you’re ready to skyrocket your success, see how each of these options can build a better foundation for your brand. 

Aero Checkout

One of the most troublesome components for many e-commerce stores is the checkout process. All too often, new retailers use default platforms, which can lead to a higher churn rate and more abandoned shopping carts. 


Aero Checkout allows you to create customized checkout pages where you can break down the process into simple steps (with a progress bar at the top), and enable customization along the way. 

Build a higher conversion rate by creating a captivating checkout process. Best of all, this plugin is so simple to use and doesn’t require any coding knowledge or experience. 


Upselling is one of the cornerstones of retail, but it can be challenging to incorporate it into your sales strategy when everything takes place online. Upstroke enables you to build fast and efficient upselling buttons that encourage new customers to add more to their orders. 

upstroke logo

One of the great things about Upstroke is that it’s persistent. You can come up with a variety of upsells and downsells so that your audience is even more primed to buy. By adding these steps to the checkout process, your average order can increase substantially. 

Next Move

Once your customer buys a product, what’s to keep him or her coming back? If you don’t put any effort into repeat business, how can you expect your e-commerce store to thrive in the long run?


Next Move makes it easy to add post-sale pages that encourage customers to keep coming back for more. With more than 17 options available, you’re sure to find the right fit for your digital storefront. 

Some examples of Next Move tools include product recommendations, customer discounts, video tutorials and testimonials, and social sharing functions. Keep your clients engaged and build brand loyalty along the way. 

Sales Triggers

One of the best ways to spur action from your customers is to make your deal a limited-time offer. If clients think that delaying their purchase means missing out, it’s far more likely that they’ll take action immediately.

Sales Triggers logo

Sales Triggers allows you to create this sense of urgency in a few different ways. Countdown timers, savings highlights, limited stock quantities – find the right option that will drive more sales and improve your bottom line. 

Thrive Themes

One of the most valuable metrics you can measure for your digital storefront is your conversion rate. How many people who visit your site wind up becoming paying customers? If your rate is relatively low, Thrive Themes can help turn things around.


Thrive themes logo

This plugin gives you access to a wide array of features, including WordPress themes that make your pages more appealing and easier to navigate, beautiful landing pages that encourage calls to action, a headline optimizer, and more. Get a full suite of conversion tools at your fingertips!

WooCommerce Subscriptions

Building consistent residual income is an excellent way to guarantee long-term success for your e-commerce site. However, creating a subscription service can be time-consuming and costly if you try to do it the old-fashioned way (through coding).

WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin

WooCommerce Subscriptions enables you to create a subscription plan for any of your products, complete with various payment methods, scheduling, and upgrading options. As long as you have a product or service that people need to buy regularly, this plugin will help you capitalize on it better. 

Active Member 360

Building a membership site is an excellent way to encourage brand loyalty and long-term sales. ActiveCampaign used to be an individual program, but now it’s ready for WooCommerce, thanks to the Active Member 360 plugin.

ActiveMember360 logo

Not only can you incorporate membership access to your e-commerce platform, but you have full customization of all of your different elements. See how easy it is to build your site from the ground up with Active Member 360. 


When it comes to marketing, reaching out to customers can be a full-time job. However, you have better things to do with your time, so why not automate most of it? With AutomateWoo, you can.

Automate woo extension

This plugin allows you to create unique and captivating marketing campaigns that will work for you, not the other way around. AutomateWoo enables you to:

  • Send Emails to Subscribers
  • Follow Up With Abandoned Carts
  • Reach Out to Inactive Customers
  • Notify Clients About Their Account
  • Send Birthday Wishes
  • Send Customized Coupons
  • And More

See how AutomateWoo can take all of the busy work out of your marketing strategy so that you can focus on other aspects of your business. 

Active Woo

Active Campaign is a powerful tool for your e-commerce site, enabling you to reach out to customers based on buying history and preferences. However, with Active Woo, now you can incorporate Active Campaign and get access to a mountain of additional data, including abandoned cart details and other insights into your customers.

Active Woo logo

Active Campaign by itself is useful, but Active Woo by WooCommerce allows you to hack the platform to make it even more profitable and successful. 

Phone Orders for WooCommerce

Although most people love shopping online because it doesn’t require human interaction, there are plenty of customers who’d rather call in an order over the phone. Usually, processing phone orders can be time-consuming and requires an intricate back-end system to ensure you fulfill the order correctly.

Phone Orders for WooCommerce logo

Thankfully, Phone Orders for WooCommerce streamlines this process and makes it easier to input the data, as well as send invoices or pay immediately. If you get a decent number of orders over the phone, this plugin will make your life so much more comfortable. 

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