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5 Essential Tips to Upsell/Downsell Products with WooCommerce

Have you decided you want to start offering upsells and downsells in your WooCommerce store?

If so, congratulations! Seriously.

Offering upsells and downsells right after the WooComerce checkout page is one of those things that every store owner knows they should be doing. But not everyone does it. We’re not going to psycho analyze anyone here – everyone is guilty of not doing what they know they need to do at some point.

But my purpose in writing this post is to make adding an upsell and downsell after your WooCommerce checkout page easier to understand. I want to show you how to have the most success with your post purchase funnel.

Five Essential Tips to Upsell/Downsell Products with WooCommerce

1. Be relevant

Know why the product you’re offering as an upsell or downsell is relevant to your customer where they are right now in their buyer’s journey. Will your product help them achieve a result faster? Will it help them get even more out of the product they’re already buying? The reason this is important is so you can tell your customer WHY they should be interested in your upsell.

Offering a “reason why” is one of the most powerful conversion techniques you can use with post purchase upsells for WooCommerce.

2. Be timely

The best time to offer an upsell is right after someone makes a purchase. We do this with a one click upsell. If you don’t have a one click upsell solution, you can try ours. You can also use an order bump on your checkout page. An order bump is a great way to give a boost to your average order value but you still want to offer a one click upsell to maximize your profit.

Lastly following up with a special offer in an email right after purchase (within 24 hours) is also effective. A good “reason why” at that stage is to offer to save on shipping and include the new upsell item in their shipment.

3. Be clear

Always let the customer know why they are seeing your upsell or downsell. Even if it’s as simple as saying “75% of our customers also buy this cool thing.” You want to cover this base or your conversions will suffer.

4. Be honest

Although it is great to have an upsell and down-selling technique to increase your sales, especially if your customers get what they need plus something that they might want, we want to always avoid lying to our buyers. You might think this goes without saying but you’d be surprised. One classic example is the bait and switch, where a store offers a premium product with a low price for the purpose of enticing customers in the store but when they try to purchase the product, the store will tell them that it is out of stock or the product was sold out.

We should have an ethics on upselling and downselling so it will not hurt the credibility of our store. It is an absolute best to be honest with your customers or else you could a get bad publicity that will lead to a decrease in store sales.

5. Be helpful

Sometimes your customers will need help seeing the value and benefit of the upsell you’re offering. You have to paint the picture of what they’re really getting. For example, let’s say you’re selling a picture frame.

They’re not just buying a picture frame. They’re buying something that will hold the moments that matter most in their life. Paint the picture of what life will be like once they have your product. Invest in good copywriting so you’re painting a clear picture with words for your customer.

As you can see when you decide to add upsells and downsells after someone checks out on your WooCommerce store, it’s not as simple as clicking a button and you’re done. But you don’t want it to be this easy trust me.

The difference between successful entrepreneurs and those who just barely make it, is the successful ecommerce owners are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. If you want to increase your sales using without having to spend more on traffic, upsells after your WooCommerce checkout pageis your answer.

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