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5 Ways to Boost Holiday Sales With Aero Checkout

The holiday season is fast approaching, and like most businesses, this is a do-or-die time of year for the health of your company. You’ve been working on a marketing strategy; you’ve got your sales and promotions ready to go; you feel confident that you can expect a lot of traffic this season.

But what about those customers that show up, shop and then still leave to go somewhere else? Cart abandonment is a real problem, and while there are many reasons why this can happen, one main cause for consumers to leave a site is the checkout page itself. When you’re getting ready to spend your hard-earned money on a product, the last thing you want to do deal with is a confusing, poorly-designed checkout page that erodes your confidence or patience in the site.

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So, how can the storeowner combat this problem? By using Aero Checkout from WooCurve as a way to re-design the checkout page from the ground up. Here’s how Aero Checkout can lead to less cart abandonment and boost your holiday sales this season:

Use Fully Customizable Checkout Pages

One main reason for cart abandonment during the checkout process is the checkout page itself. On many sites, the checkout page can be confusing, either by being set up poorly or by being multiple pages that eventually lead a consumer to leave out of sheer frustration.

Aero Checkout lets you customize your pages, starting with pre-built templates that you rearrange, add to or delete from as you see fit. Collect only the information that you need, streamline the process and make your page as easy as you can to help your customers stay there until the transaction is finished.

Build Customer Testimonials

While customers tend to ignore most of the text on a screen when they are focused on a task, most will still pay attention to things like customer testimonials. You can actually add a testimony area to the checkout page, reassuring those customers who might be starting to second-guess their purchases and get cold feet. Having a friendly voice on hand to assure them that they have nothing to worry about is a great way to help move them along through the rest of the checkout process.

Remind Them of Excellent Customer Support

Another way to keep your customers confident in their purchase is to remind them of your store’s excellent customer support policies, should anything go wrong. No matter how confident you or your customers are in your store, the sad fact is problems do happen. No doubt many of your customers have been burned by digital sales before and are now wary of making purchases — especially with new, untested digital marketplaces. You can put those fears to bed on the checkout page by letting your customers know of your commitment to their satisfaction.

Detail your customer support procedures, provide fast and reliable contact information and make sure your customers feel fully confident in you and your site. This will help them to finally click that button and finalize the transaction.

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Display Your Trust Badges and Security Certificates

Even with all of the confidence-builders you’ve put on your pages, some customers will look at them and think “those are only words.”

However, when you can display badges and certificates from other, trusted third-party sources, your customers’ confidence levels can shoot through the roof. Now you’re not just a random digital store — you’ve got backing from others in the business. This helps to boost your credibility even further!

Customize Your Forms

One of the main reasons for cart abandonment is all of the forms that have to be filled out. Name, address, billing address, shipping address, card information, etc., — and if the customer hasn’t created an account with you yet those forms can get even longer!

While this information is necessary, presenting it all at once can be a real turn-off for someone who just wants to get this over with. Aero Checkout lets you customize your forms. You can make them appear shorter and more presentable with just a few short edits, or stretch them out over several pages so they don’t all appear at once and overwhelm the sale.

As you can see, Aero Checkout allows you the option to endlessly customize your consumers’ checkout experience. This freedom can streamline your entire checkout process, which in turn will encourage your customers to stick around until the transaction is complete. Along the way, easier forms and reassuring testimonials and security reminders will let people know that yours is a site that can be trusted.

This holiday season, you owe it to yourself and your store to do everything possible to keep traffic flowing, and keep those purchases coming. Why not use Aero Checkout to help make this the most successful holiday season ever?

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