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How To Boost Sales with a WooCommerce Upsell After Checkout

Anyone who makes a living in commerce knows the value of an upsell. If you’re not familiar with the term, an “upsell” refers to the practice of convincing existing customers to add to their purchase through upgrades or additional items.

While it might not seem like a big deal, market owners will tell you that upselling brings in a huge percentage of their overall revenue. Furthermore, upselling can be an extremely profitable way to bring in more money because it requires much less when it comes to time and energy investment.

When it comes to selling online, there are many ways to encourage customers to upsell, but eventually, it all boils down to the tools you use. If you use the WooCommerce plugin as part of your overall WordPress toolbox, then you already have an easy way to capitalize on upselling.

WooCommerce One Click Upsells

That’s because WooCommerce is a platform that you can customize to your specific needs instead of settling for “one size fits all.” The best one click upsell product on the market is Upstroke – hands down. Why is this important?

“Found Money”

WooCommerce one click upsells are basically like found money. When a customer has already ordered an item but then decides to add to the existing order, your basically just pocketing extra profit without having to do any of the expensive and exhaustive marketing. This leads to a huge increase in your AOV (Average Order Value) and makes your company more profitable as a whole.

Less Marketing is Required

Because upsells focus on your existing customers, you have to do much less in the way of marketing. Think about it: the order has already been placed; you’ve got that money coming to you. Anything after that is basically icing on the cake — and it’s the icing that you get without having to market to new customers, creating new advertisements or drawing people to your storefront. They’re already there, they’re buying and they clearly like what they see enough to want to get more.

How to Upsell with WooCommerce One Click Upsells

Even though upsells are easier than finding new customers, it does still require the right techniques so you don’t end up turning away customers through one mistake or another. There are a couple of important tips to keep in mind:

Make Sure to Confirm Purchases First

Upsells are great, but remember they are, to an extent, an extra purchase, in addition to what the customer is actually buying. Unfortunately, many customers will change their mind the longer it takes to go through the sales funnel. So it’s important to make sure and confirm the original purchase first.

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Include a Reason For the Upsell

Everyone loves to feel like they are getting some sort of deal that is not available to everyone. It gives them a feeling that they are on the “inside” and somehow privileged to a special deal. The good thing, though, is that it’s very easy to come up with reasons for the upsell.

If someone is a new customer, you can offer them a one-time only “new customer special.” Depending on what they have just purchased, you can offer an upsell that is related to that first item (“We see you’ve just bought this … why not add this to complete the set?” or something like that). If an order is over a certain amount, you can offer them a special on an additional item as a way to thank them for their original purpose.

These are all examples of how to make the upsell seem like it’s targeted directly towards that individual, but you can really set up your upsells to trigger over a variety of conditions. The possibilities are endless — as are the profits.   

Make it Time-Sensitive

One of the most effective known sales techniques is creating a sense of urgency. Make the customer feel like if they don’t act right now, they are going to lose the opportunity you’ve given them. The easiest and most effective way to do that is to simply attach a time-sensitive message to the offer.

Make sure the customer understands that this special offer expires the moment they close the browser and move on. This urgency will usually be the tipping point that finally urges the customer to take the plunge and make the purchase.

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Thank Them After

After the entire purchase is completed, make sure to thank them on a final page that also includes all of the details of their order — the original purchase as well as the extra sale they made at the end.

After checkout thank you

You don’t have to trick your customers. And you don’t have to be pushy or hypey. To make one click upsells work for WooCommerce (and any other platform), you have to make a good offer. You already have a captive audience member who just spent money with you. That’s the most important part. Your offer is the next most important. Your marketing skills is last.

Adding upsells to your sales funnel is the easiest way to boost your profits. You can hear from others who have had success doing this over at our sister site here.

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