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3 ClickFunnels Alternatives for WordPress

ClickFunnels has developed a reputation as a powerful tool online businesses can use to drive sales. It’s an easy-to-use platform through which you can generate various pages in your funnel. Yet, at a whopping $300 a month (or $3,600 annually), the cost of the tool is driving many eCommerce store owners to seek alternatives that are friendlier to their budgets. The good news is that there are viable ClickFunnels alternatives for WordPress that can deliver the same results – for a fraction of the price.

Why Do I Need to Build Funnels?

The word “funnel” is widely used in sales and marketing today – to the point that it now seems to have dozens of different meanings associated with it. While it may simply seem like modern jargon, this concept has actually existed since the beginning of business. The word funnel refers to a process through which a sale or other conversion is made – it’s that simple.

With ecommerce, funnels are now easier to create and more customizable than ever before. Technology has given us tools that make it simple and affordable to turn someone into a customer or lead. And, for WordPress users, there are some very economic ways to do this.

What Does ClickFunnels Offer?

ClickFunnels offers pre-built options for specific products and services. Its features include email integrations, webinar funnels, opt-in funnels, and so forth… Yet, that’s the inherent problem with ClickFunnels: despite its significant price tag, it’s limited to only building sales funnels. Contrast this with the full-blown ecommerce platform for WordPress, WooCommerce: not only is a WordPress website with WooCommerce installed completely free, but it gives you much more control and flexibility.

Now, we’ll discuss some alternatives for creating your own high-quality funnels to drive the same results ClickFunnels can achieve without having to drop $3,600 a year. We’ll highlight the problem ClickFunnels solves and how you can solve it using WordPress and WooCommerce tools.

Three ClickFunnels Alternatives for WordPress

1. Page Builders

  • Problem 1 – You need pre-built sales pages, landing pages and email forms.
  • We recommend: Thrive Themes

Page builders like Thrive Themes make it easy to build sales pages. It is considered the most comprehensive drag-and-drop tool for building landing pages, and at $67 per year, it also has a much more accessible price point than ClickFunnels. Thrive Themes offers dozens of optimized landing pages that can help you grow your mailing list, present one-time offers, and more. While there are other WooCommerce supported themes to choose from, like Genesis, as well as page builders such as Optimize Press and Elementor Pro, Thrive Themes is an attractive option among new ecommerce store owners due to its ease of use and low cost.

Using Thrive Themes is effortlessly simple. You’ll build your sales page, an initial offer (such as a one-time offer), and a second offer. The process of creating a sales page and two offer pages is the same: create the page in WordPress, open the PageBuilder and choose the template from Thrive, then edit the sales page so that it’s customized to fit your store and offer.

2. Handsome Checkout

  • Problem 2 – You need checkout page options that give you order bumps, abandon cart features, high converting design options and look great on mobile.
  • We recommend – Handsome Checkout for WooCommerce

Whether you have a physical or digital project, you’ll only need to use WooCommerce to create the product and establish a price. Handsome Checkout can handle the rest for you. This tool gives your shoppers the ability to instantly and conveniently make a purchase from any page. In other words, any page on your site becomes a page that can receive orders. Because long checkout processes are among the leading cause of shopping cart abandonment, streamlining the checkout process in this way can help you drive conversion and simplify your customers’ experience.

Handsome Checkout costs under $100 per year, making it another affordable ClickFunnels alternative for WordPress. And, like Thrive Themes, it’s also incredibly easy to implement. You’ll create your form in Handsome Checkout for your product, using the created shortcode to embed your form on any WordPress page. You’ll then select your order bump, customize your form, and add the form to your sales page. (In your page builder, simply drag the WordPress element to the spot on your form where you want the checkout form to appear.) Add the short code, click save, and reveal a beautiful, checkout page that drives conversion.

3. One Click Upsells for WooCommerce

  • Problem 3 – You need one time offers (OTOs) after someone makes a purchase.
  • We Recommend – One Click Upsells for WooCommerce

A final option for creating a viable sales funnel is leveraging your existing customers with One Click Upsells. This simple tool allows you to present one-time offers to customers who have just made a purchase – when they’re most likely to buy again – so they can add to their order without even having to reenter any of their information. As one of the simplest yet most powerful strategies for boosting sales, One Click Upsells lets you appeal to the customers who have already established trust in your store with an offer they have to take advantage of right away. The tool allows you to create a checkout funnel for a product that will trigger upsells, then choose which offer the customer will see after making their purchase.

Not only will these ClickFunnels alternatives help you save thousands of dollars for your WordPress site annually; they can also help you generate revenue and take your ecommerce store to the next level. They’re also simple to use and can begin working successfully in just minutes, allowing you to start building lucrative funnels right away.

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