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Why ClickFunnels Users Are Switching to WooCommerce Sales Funnel

ClickFunnels users are switching to WooCommerce to build their sales funnels thanks to some new options inside the WooCommerce ecosystem.

No longer content to shell out $3,600 bucks a year, business owners are starting to look elsewhere.

And you might be wondering…why WooCommerce?

Fair question…

WooCommerce isn’t the first platform you think of when you start looking around for options to build your online sales funnels. And I understand why.

Traditionally, WooCommerce serves the eCommerce market. It’s owned by Automattic, the company who owns WordPress.

But the interesting thing about WooCommerce is it’s been around for a LONG time. Longer than most people think. In fact, nearly 5% of the top 100,000 online businesses use WooCommerce according to BuiltWith.

Plus it’s a FREE plugin.

ClickFunnels Users Optimizing The Sales Page

ClickFunnels users who simply want to set up sales pages, make offers with order bumps, upsells and track affiliates only need a few premium tools to get this up and running.

I’ve written in step by step detail here how to replace ClickFunnels with these premium tools.

In our company WooCurve, we’ve seen a lot of former ClickFunnels users replace their entire funnel system with WooCommerce.

And I wanted to find out more about why they were switching.

After all, I was a ClickFunnels user for a long time. It’s a good platform. And we built our tools to serve the eCommerce market. But other people kept finding us and using our tools in some unique ways. That really opened my eyes.

Here’s one of the early email I received that made me think it was possible to replace ClickFunnels with the tools we made and were selling successfully.

Replacing ClickFunnels Idea

New WooCommerce Funnel and the Community

I asked reached out to some of our other customers. And a few of them had figured out they could replace ClickFunnels with our products as well.

I even did a case study on Anthony here who moved over from both Shopify AND ClickFunnels.

You want to know the number one ClickFunnels users were switching to a WooCommerce sales funnel?


$300/mo vs maybe $75/mo on the high end.

PLUS…this is another cool bonus, a lot of ClickFunnels users now had the option to try eCommerce in their business. We have some customers who started dropshipping for their front end offers. Then selling their core offers on the back end.

I’m not going to go into detail here about how to make the switch. I’ve already done that here.

But I will give you the Cliff Notes version.

ClickFunnels Users Switching to WooCommerce Sales Funnels

First, you need a website running WordPress and WooCommerce that you host. There are lots of tutorials on how to set this up on YouTube. And honestly if you even wanted to hire someone on Fiverr or UpWork to do this, you could.

Second, you’ll want some type of PageBuilder. Some people disagree with me on this. But look, I don’t want to write code and develop web pages. If you’re a ClickFunnels user you probably don’t either. So grab something like Thrive Themes or Elementor and just use their templates.

Lastly, you need One Click Upsells for WooCommerce and Handsome Checkout. These two products that we pioneered will become your secret weapon. Handsome Checkout will let you offer order bumps and embed checkout forms on any page. And One Click Upsells will let you increase your average order value with post purchase upsells and downsells.

That’s really all you need. There are some tools for affiliate tracking too if that is part of your business.

I recommend Affiliate WP. We use it and it’s the best around in my opinion.

At a high level, this is really all it takes to make the switch.

We have a full time support team available to help you if you have any questions. Not to mention the WooCommerce community is incredibly helpful.

If you think the options above might be a good fit for you, reach out and let us help you get up and running. Just contact support [at] woocurve [dot] com

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