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Best WooCommerce Integrations That Track Your Sales

For a proactive and insightful business owner, there are a multitude of tools that they can use to monitor their sales patterns, track customer behavior, and construct tactics to enhance their companies. Here are a few WooCommerce softwares that can make the internet an asset in commerce instead of a hindrance.


Metorik is a tool which gives you detailed reports on your company, segments your information for you, and even helps you engage with customers by sending automated emails with discounts and deals.

The people at Metorik know that understanding your company’s strengths and weaknesses is the first step to success. Without it, the only information you can receive is your net profit; however, with Metorik, you can track sales by the hour, the day, and the week, see which products your returning customers are buying compared to your new ones, how many refunds you’ve paid out and the reasons why, your best selling products and your worst selling products, top payment methods, time between sales, and much more.

Metorik preview

Not only that, but all this data, is not simply sent to you raw and formatted, but it is segmented, filtered and made interactive for your convenience. All you have to do is search for, say, ‘how many new subscribers have you received in the past month who have spent less than 100 dollars on your products,’ and the information you need will be brought to you in seconds.

For staying ahead of the competition, Metorik is one of the best tools a business owner can have.           

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is another example of how the right resource can completely change the game. Google Analytics makes it easier than ever to gauge the attitude of your consumers and see which aspects of your site and app are making a connection with them and which are not.

While other sales tracking tools only tell you what people are buying, Google Analytics gives you a much fuller picture of the behavior of your site’s visitors, monitoring how much time they spend on certain pages, which pages they choose to transfer to, and what options they’re more likely to click on. This information is imperative, as it allows you to know exactly how to augment your site for maximum efficiency.

Google Analytics preview

You can also check up on how fast your site is working in real time to see if any aspect of your site is lagging. Speeding the users experience up, even if by just a few seconds, can greatly influence how likely they are to return.

For almost total control over your business’s website and apps, Google Analytics is certainly the way to go.  


For getting into the mind of your market, Metrilo has it all. Metrilo gives you a full transaction history of every new customer you receive, providing you with all of the data you need to grow your business fast.

Metrilo sample reports

With this information, you’ll know everything from which of your products sell the most to which of your products are most frequently bought together. Then it will give you insights on how to optimize the layout of your website, your deals and discounts, and your consumer relations for maximum profit.

Finally, you can use Metrilo’s resources to interact with your customers by creating automated emails that are sent automatically to certain customers based on their buying habits, helping you precisely target untapped markets and develop leads.

With guaranteed results, you have little to lose with Metrilo and much to gain.  

Wicked Reports 

Finally, there’s Wicked Report. Wicked Report is the perfect assistant for business owners who know that they are spending too much money on ads, and want that to change. Wicked Reports track every click on your ads, no matter the platform, using tools such as automatic link tagging, tracking code verification, and Facebook ad manager chrome extension, to give you the best picture of which ads work and which ads don’t.

Wicked Reports preview

Customers usually don’t simply click on an ad, buy something, and leave. Instead, they may hear about your business through an email, delete it, then see your company’s ad again on Facebook and click on it. Then maybe a week later they’ll watch one of your company’s videos until finally, they decide to make a purchase. This amount of lateral thinking that the customer engages in is extremely difficult to understand without Wicked Reports. Wicked Reports takes the guesswork away by monitoring the exact path people take between ads before deciding to buy. Then it helps you streamline their journey by cutting out ads that don’t work and adjusting your content to connect better with your market.

Don’t spend any more on advertisements then you have to. See what Wicked Reports can do for you. 

It’s clear that the future of business is digital. Therefore, look at it as an opportunity and use it to your advantage. With the host of resources at your disposal to enhance your company, the only question is whether or not you’re willing to take the next step.

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