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7 Ways to Improve eCommerce Checkout Conversion Rates

In the world of eCommerce, improving checkout conversion rates is the ultimate goal for retailers. No matter what you’re selling – whether it’s a service, product, or consumable goods – the main objective is to take site visitors from browsing through inventory all the way to the order confirmation page. So, what’s the best way to get there? With so many different types of eCommerce available today, there’s no one “magic formula” that works across the board, but there are some very effective best practices that can help. Here’s a roundup of our most effective tactics for improving eCommerce checkout conversion rates:

1 – Avoid Form Fatigue with Autofill

Sure, it might only take a couple of minutes for your shoppers to fill out their address and billing information, but that can feel like a lifetime online. Prevent your shopping experience from feeling like dreaded data entry: use autofill to instantly populate fields like name, phone number, address, and email. All your shoppers will need to do is verify their information is correct. While it’s a simple feature to implement and is available with the help of autocomplete plugins, it can have a major impact on shopping experience.


2 – Use Micro-Commitments with a Two-Step Checkout Form

Today’s online shoppers have the ability to be picky. With so many shopping options, they expect the maximum return for as little effort as possible, and to outperform your competition, you must deliver on this expectation. By implementing a two-step checkout form, you’ll be able to make the purchasing process exceptionally simple. As its name suggests, the form is just two steps: in step one, all the shopper has to do is enter preliminary information like name and email, while the second will prompt them for shipping and billing details. You’ll still get all of the information you need to fulfill the order, with the bonus of making the shopper feel as if they’re making a “micro-commitment” instead of completing a lengthy checkout.

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3 – Ask for Shipping Address BEFORE Billing

It may seem counter-intuitive to switch up the standard order of things, but hear us out. By getting your shoppers thinking about their address – and therefore the arrival of their order – before payment, it helps them envision that gratifying feeling of receiving a package.

shipping address form

4 – Include Testimonials on the Checkout Page

If there’s any moment where doubt might creep into your shoppers’ mind, it’s in the checkout page. Do I really NEED this item? Is this company trustworthy? What kind of quality and customer support can I expect? Answer these questions for your customers before they even have the chance to think about them. Feature some of your best testimonials right on your checkout page, where it will resonate most with your shoppers.

5 – Test on Mobile First

It’s estimated that at least a third of online purchases made during holiday seasons is done via smartphones, and chances are the rest of the year is no exception. Oftentimes, consumers get the idea for a purchase while they’re on the go, relaxing on the couch, or when an item is brought up in conversation – not while they’re behind a computer. This means your mobile site should provide a flawless shopping experience. Before your eCommerce store goes live, check it on your phone and on a tablet to ensure it’s 100% mobile-friendly.

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6 – Make a One-Time Offer Using an Order Bump

If your shoppers are teetering on the edge of cart abandonment, an order bump might help seal the deal. Offering a one-time add on for a free or heavily discounted item can enhance perceived value and ultimately make shoppers more likely to purchase from you instead of a competitor. For best results, try to pair items that work well together. Think of making it seem like they’re getting “the whole package” if they purchase now – not just the rain boots, but a free umbrella, too!

7 – Implement Real-Time Notifications

A final tactic for getting shoppers to complete their orders is creating a sense of urgency with real-time notifications. For instance, consider including free shipping offers that expire in ten minutes. Or, if a special sale is running, include a countdown clock in a pop-up notification.

Real Time Notifications feature

While there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution to improving eCommerce conversion rates, you can use trial and error to see which tactics have the greatest impact on your sales. The effects of each method may vary from one type of retail or service to the next, but implementing a variety of techniques certainly won’t hurt! And, because eCommerce is always changing, be sure to stay on top of industry news for updates and new tips.

BONUS: Add a phone number. You’ll find that just by adding a phone number to your checkout page that your conversions are likely to increase. It tells people that they can talk to a real person if they need to.

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