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5 Reasons Why Handsome Checkout Can Boost Your eCommerce Shop

More and more eCommerce retailers are noticing climbing shopping cart abandonment rates. This group of shoppers – those who visit your eCommerce shop and load their carts with products only to abandon them before the sale – represents a huge portion of your traffic, as well as an area of missed opportunity. Some research suggests as much as 70% of online shoppers abandon their carts before placing an order. What can you do to address it?

The answer lies in Handsome Checkout. It’s a simple yet powerful WooCommerce add-on that optimizes the checkout process, tackling shopping cart abandonment and boosting your eCommerce shop in the following ways.

How Handsome Checkout Boosts Your eCommerce Shop

1. Streamlines the Checkout Process

There are hundreds of reasons why a shopper would forego purchasing from your store, including everything from distractions to finding a better price elsewhere. However, long and confusing checkouts are cited as one of the most common reasons for ditching a product. In fact, they come in as the third most popular reason for shopping cart abandonment, just behind unexpected costs and having to create an account.

Handsome Checkout eliminates lengthy and confusing checkouts. Instead, it creates a one-page checkout that allows shoppers to complete their order without ever having to leave the page they’re on. In other words, the sale is made in as few clicks as possible. Plus, they don’t have to put in more information besides the bare minimum – which brings us to our next point.

2. Doesn’t Require Customers to Create an Account

As we mentioned above, not wanting to make an account is the second-most common reason for leaving shopping carts. It is cited among 35% of shoppers as the reason for skipping a purchase, and in a study of more than 1.8 million online shoppers, half used guest checkout when it was presented as an option. Still, one-third of retail sites continue to require mobile shoppers to create an account.

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Luckily, you can set yourself apart by skipping over this step. If your shopper is in a hurry to get through checkout, why deter them by forcing them to create an account now? Certainly, some shoppers may want to – and it can always be presented as an option that can be completed later – but for the rest, your primary focus should be getting them through checkout as quickly as possible. Handsome Checkout does this by ensuring only essential information is requested in the checkout, preventing shoppers from having to fill in dozens of fields.

3. Turns Every Product Page into a Checkout Page

The ability to embed WooCommerce checkout forms on any page further hastens the checkout process, preventing your shoppers from having to click through multiple pages altogether. This means that when your product captures their attention and they feel compelled to buy right then and there, you won’t have to worry about putting any extra steps or distractions between their decision to purchase and the finalization of the sale.

4. Looks Great on Mobile Devices

To be a strong contender in the world of eCommerce, it is absolutely essential that your site is optimized for mobile use. With 62% of shoppers making purchases from their mobile devices, a flawless mobile experience could be the factor that makes or breaks sales. Smartphones are projected to be used in more than one-third of U.S. total retail sales this year, which will amount to upwards of $1 trillion. This trend is only expected to move upwards.

The trouble is this: filling out many fields of data on small tablet and phone screens is tedious and time-consuming. Brands face pressure to improve their mobile experience, and when consumers’ expectations aren’t met, they’ll find the products they need elsewhere. A poorly-designed mobile site spurs nearly 75% of shoppers to switch to a different site. Thus, not only must your site be optimized for mobile overall, but it should also have a mobile-friendly checkout.

Handsome Checkout was built for mobile first. This means the focus is on giving customers an optimized mobile experience before anything else, ensuring an impeccable design and user experience for people who prefer shopping on their mobile device.

5. Enhances Your Ecommerce Funnel

While every aspect of your eCommerce funnel is important, the importance of the checkout page is often overlooked. Consider the fact that half of shopping carts are abandoned at this stage. In other words, most shoppers’ decision to buy from your store – or not – comes down to this single page. It is therefore arguably the most important page in your funnel. Handsome Checkout enhances this all-important page by simplifying the process. It also has flexible add-on features like “skip cart” and “buy now,” which allow you to fully customize compelling and attractive checkout pages in seconds.

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