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Best E-Commerce Business to Start in 2020

These days, making money online is relatively easy. Becoming an entrepreneur isn’t as challenging as it used to be, which is why there are so many e-commerce sites around. However, while starting a new online business isn’t that complicated, you can still encounter plenty of challenges – namely, finding and building an audience.

One of the best ways to mitigate this problem is to focus your attention on the products or niches that are the most profitable. Fortunately, you don’t need to scour the internet to find them, as we’ve compiled a list right here.

When it comes to starting an e-commerce business, one of these options will have a much better chance of success, both now and into the future.


Modern parents are utilizing technology to make child-rearing so much simpler than in generations past. As an e-commerce store, you can become a valuable resource for parents, both new and experienced. Some storefront ideas can include:

  • Organic Baby Food – many millennial parents want to make sure that their children are not eating preservatives or GMOs.
  • Reusable Diapers – as climate change continues its march toward world domination, people are much more conscious of their waste habits. Reusable diapers can save tons of trash from going to a landfill.
  • Gently Used Clothing – one of the problems of child-rearing is that kids outgrow clothes so fast. Start an online consignment boutique and become a liaison for parents trying to sell outfits and those trying to buy.
  • Educational Toys – many new parents want their kids to learn while having fun. As long as the toys on your site have an educational benefit, they will be much more valuable and in-demand.

Another thing to remember about e-commerce is that not all of your products have to be physical. For example, you could write an e-book related to parenting and sell that on your site. Or you can create exclusive video content and sell it as an add-on for some of your items (i.e., a how-to tutorial).

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For those people who aren’t interested in having kids, pets are the next best thing. Consumers today are spending more on their furry friends than ever before, to the tune of $72.5 billion in the US alone. Best of all, this number is projected to rise in the coming years. Here’s how you can get a piece.

  • Organic Treats and Food – just as parents want to feed their children high-quality ingredients, so do pet owners. They want to avoid overly processed junk, so cater to that demand.
  • Grooming Products/Services – more and more pet owners want to pamper their fur babies; help them do so by selling both grooming products (i.e., shampoo and conditioner) or services. If necessary, partner with a grooming company and share a piece of the profits.
  • Clothing – nothing is cuter than seeing a pet dressed up on social media. Costume outfits are always popular, but you should also sell practical options like raincoats and booties as well.
  • Pet Beds – many owners like for their pets to sleep in complete comfort. Luxury pet beds, in particular, are an excellent way to increase your profit margin.


One of the best things about selling fitness products is that customers have to keep coming back for more. Staying in shape is a lifelong goal, which can help you build a loyal following. Even better, these products are ripe for dropshipping, which is when you have the manufacturer fulfill orders and shipping while you rake in the profit.

  • High-Tech Wearables – Fitbits and smartwatches are perfect examples of technology and fitness blending together. Add a music player to the mix, and you’ll be set.
  • Diet-Friendly Foods – a lot of consumers are following various meal plans. Some popular examples include keto, paleo, and gluten-free options. Cater to these specific needs and watch the orders pour in.
  • Fitness Clothing – customers want to look good while working out, so make it easier for them to be fashionable at the gym. Leggings, tennis shoes, tank tops, get creative with workout clothing.
  • Nutrition Supplements – whether it’s a protein shake, a nutrient-dense vitamin, or fitness smoothies, supplements are big business. Again, focus on making them diet-friendly (i.e., low carb), and you’ll create a loyal audience.


Finally, an easy way to build your e-commerce store is to create custom designs and stick them on clothing. Yes, there are tons of t-shirt sites out there, but the demand is always present. As long as you can speak to a particular niche, you should be able to find success. Best of all, there is almost no limit to where you can put your designs. T-shirts, sweaters, headbands, leggings, hats, beanies…

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