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6 Tips To Make Your Product Stand Out On Your Online Store

Converting people into customers to buy your product doesn’t just happen by chance. There are specific ground rules you must follow to have any success in selling.

Below are six important tips to follow to make your online product shine.

What’s so Special About You?

Finding your unique selling position is the first step to standing out online. Start by asking yourself:

  • What makes your product special?
  • Why are you different?
  • How are you solving a problem your website visitor has?

The answer creates your unique selling position. Most people searching the web are looking for answers to a specific problem. For example, they may need better training shoes because their knees ache when running. Or maybe they need less complicated software to do their taxes.

Approach your selling solution by first expressing how your product meets a need. This is key. If you’re selling a fitness tracker, show how your fitness tracker improves exercise, monitors results or increases the workout experience.

Then, explain how your product stands out among the competition. Why should the reader buy your product over a competing product? Be clear on your USP before you do anything else because your USP will cast the vision for your prospect to buy.

Standing out and being seen

People Must Know You Exist

You’ll never sell your product if people cannot find your online store or merchandise.

Ensure success is by creating strong SEO content. You don’t want your running shoes to appear on the seventh page of Google.

Shoppers browse the internet using specific keywords or phrases. Using these keywords ranks you higher on Google. A headline and content description with clear, relevant search words move you up in the rankings.

Use the keyword phrases people use when they speak. People use their phones more than their computers to buy. And many times, their searches start by speaking into their phone. Using conversational-style keyword phasing will generate more hits to your site.

Be careful here. Google is well aware of the old-school tricks of saturating your copy with keywords. Overuse will be seen as spam and will definitely hurt your chances to be effective.

Be Clear on What You’re Selling

Many people are in love with the products they sell and tend to romanticize these products.

But being too clever can obscure and confuse the reader. Prospects on your online page should have no doubt they’re in the right place. Clarity beats clever, every time. The title of your product should clearly spell out what you’re selling. Your description copy, containing SEO-optimized keywords, should be clear, engaging- and speak to a benefit your prospects care about.

Creating a compelling product headline will be the hardest one to get right, but when done correctly, will reap substantial revenue rewards.

Remove Doubt Using Clean, Professional Images

Everyone loves a pretty picture, and your product representation should be no different.

A high-quality, professional image of what you are selling is paramount for your online store, because it removes doubt and builds trust in your product.  

Multiple images, with different, close-up and detailed angles give your reader confidence.

Also, a front-facing photo of a person holding your product is extremely effective. Videos have become a growing trend, and are giving businesses great results; try making one that shows your product in use.

People Comments

Look Who’s Talking – The Proof Is In Reviews

When talking about trust and doubt, nothing can be more persuasive than reading about real people who used your product to solve a real problem. Testimonial reviews are like mini-case studies proving your product works.

Place at least one strong testimonial where it can be seen on your product’s landing page as soon as your visitor arrives. Placing a strong review next to the check-out button is also effective. Testimonials will be the nudge that gets your prospects to the check-out page.

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The Closer

Nothing can frustrate a potential buyer more than getting lost or redirected on the way to the check-out form. Clearly marked pricing and discounts, like free shipping, should be obvious. Your check-out form should note you use safe, secure SSL connections and authentication certificates like Norton Secured, TRUSTe Certified Privacy or Better Business Bureau Accredited Business for all transactions. Display these icons clearly.

Also, don’t make prospects guess which payment options are available. Use the familiar signatures of PayPal and well-known credit cards.  

When designing your CTA button text, don’t bore. “Buy Here” is dull. Add benefit-rich text to remind why your product is the right choice.

Getting these steps right will create a stronger presence for your online products, generate huge revenues, and improve the online shopping experience for your visitors.

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