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Proven Sales Funnel to Bring in New Customers

Let’s talk about how you get new customers into your business.

I’m not talking about leads. I’m talking about customers. Big difference!

I will spend more to bring in someone who is willing to spend money over someone who just wants a “free thing” any day.

If you run a WooCommerce store you could be like a lot of other store owners who use a product like ClickFunnels just so you can set up a Free Plus Shipping Funnel or some other front end offer.

ClickFunnels is $300/mo and today I want to show you an easier way. 

In the video below I’ll show you how to set up a page you can use to acquire new customers and also share some of the strategy and psychology we’re using.

We’re using the new embedded WooCommerce checkout form feature inside Handsome Checkout to make this happen. Take a look…

One part I didn’t get to in this video is the One Click Upsell that comes after the initial purchase. But I will be hosting a live training where we’ll cover the entire funnel plus two others you can use.

We use one of our other products, One Click Upsells for WooCommerce to offer post purchase upsells.

We’re introducing an entirely new way to use WooCommerce without having to purchase expensive software that doesn’t even integrate.

Are you seeing that?

If you want to get started building one of these embedded WooCommerce checkout forms, click here and try Handsome Checkout for $1.

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Chris Mason

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