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How to Skip an Upsell Using “Skip Offers”

“What happens if I want to skip an upsell?”

This is a question we received from a lot of people and is the reason we added what we’re calling “skip offer” in the latest version of One Click Upsells for WooCommerce.

In case you’re wondering, the skip feature allows you to skip an upsell in your funnel if the product in your upsell is also in your customer’s the shopping cart.

For example if you’re selling products for men who have beards, you might sell beard oil, soaps, combs, etc… You might have as your upsell a bottle of your best beard oil and you might even offer it as a discount.

With the skip feature, if someone is purchasing your beard soap, a comb and the bottle of oil you have in your upsell, you can set it up so that customer never sees your upsell. The video below shows you how it works.

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Chris Mason

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