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7 Ways to Turn Your Thank You Page into a Sales Machine

Every eCommerce store owner shares the common goal of driving conversion. It therefore makes sense that most online sellers dedicate most of their focus to getting site visitors to that all-important checkout page. Yet, what happens after your shoppers complete their order could be just as important as the steps leading up to it.

The Thank You page isn’t the end, and retailers who seize the opportunity to further engage shoppers (versus simply showing their order details – yawn) can outperform their competitors when it truly counts. In fact, this page should be the beginning of a new journey for your customer. Sure, you can give them an overview of their purchase, but take a look at the other things you can do, too:

1. Promote Another Relevant Product

One way to pique the customer’s interest while they’re in the buying mood is to showcase a product similar to the one they just purchased. While it’s possible they’ve already browsed through your inventory thoroughly, there’s also the chance that they overlooked items similar or related to the ones they purchased. Here’s an example: the shopper who just purchased your handmade dog leash might think twice about ordering the matching collar when you give them a gentle reminder on your Thank You page.

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2. Show a Custom Video Based on the Product Purchased

If the item purchased warrants it, consider featuring a brief instructional video to deliver added value for your shopper. This will help build excitement for the items ordered and creates the impression that you’re willing to go the extra step to make their experience as enjoyable as possible. From beauty products to workout equipment, there are endless ways you can showcase your products in brief yet informational video clips.

3. Collect Feedback in a Survey

Want to find out how you could further enhance your customer experience? If so, why not ask your customers to share feedback while it’s is fresh in their mind? In addition to asking yes/no questions about the ability to locate products, assortment, and checkout process, consider having a text box where visitors can tell you in their own words what they liked, as well as what could be improved.

4. Book Appointments on a Scheduling Page

This Thank You page option is particularly useful for eCommerce sellers who specialize in services. Say you’re a personal trainer who’s just sold an online workout course. Offering a virtual consultation to your customer after they’ve made their purchase could be a great way to incentivize an additional purchase, or to strengthen trust in your brand. While this offering may work better in some industries than others, there are many ways you can get creative with this idea. For instance, custom crafters can even set up brief, optional 10-minute consultations with their shoppers to ensure both parties are aligned in terms of expectations. This is an ideal way to prove your willingness to “go the extra mile” and cultivate an unparalleled customer experience.

5. Grow Your Social Media Following

One increasingly popular way to build an audience among your social media channels is by inviting shoppers to like, follow, and subscribe to your pages after they’ve made a purchase. This well-timed invitation can create a feeling of inclusivity (i.e., “Now that you’ve shopped our top-of-the-line camping gear, join our community of like-minded outdoor enthusiasts!”). Of course, the added bonus is that it helps you build your network of followers. There’s also a clever promotional spin you can put on the Thank You page: consider creating a brief message shoppers can easily share with their followers, letting them know that they just purchased your product or service or signed up for your event.

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6. Show a Membership Page

Beyond Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and Instagram, you might have exclusive members-only networks which shoppers can be prompted to join upon purchasing. If you regularly send out newsletters to your subscriber list, you can position it as a “members-only” offering by inviting them to provide their email after completing their purchase. A VIP rewards program is another membership option that can encourage customers to keep coming back.

7. Offer a Discount

Presented as a thank you gift, a coupon code can prompt shoppers to return within a designated period of time. By providing an offer that’s valid for 30 days, for instance, you can drive future sales while also giving your shopper an additional offering of significant perceived value.

The options for customizing your Thank You page are exciting and virtually limitless. Yet it’s important to choose just one to avoid overwhelming your customer.

While you can always test out different methods to see which create the best impact, stick to a tactic at a time. After all, you’ve already secured the sale, so you don’t want to risk leaving a bad impression by asking your shopper to do too much afterwards. 

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