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Are You Investing Too Much on Sales Funnels

We’ve all heard that one saying when it comes to business. “It takes money to make money.” While there’s a ton of truth in this statement, this doesn’t mean that you’re required to spend a lot of cash building conversion funnels.

Currently, if you want a subscription with ClickFunnels, you’ll have to spend $300 a month. To be honest, it’s difficult to call this a smart investment. In all reality, you’re simply paying for a brand that had a ton of success because they were first at what they do.

If you’re making enough money to be careless with your spending, by all means, a subscription to ClickFunnels makes a ton of sense. That being said, it’s possible to continue making the amount of money you’re currently bringing in without giving someone $3600 of your money each year.

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A Simple Alternative to ClickFunnels

I need you to think about something for just a few minutes. If I was able to provide you with the same results you will accomplish through ClickFunnels for under $780 a year, would you be interested? If you do the math, this translates to the same results while saving almost $3000 over 12 months.

Think about that. If your business is new or currently going through some changes, there’s a ton you could do with the extra cash. Someone could be given a raise. You could increase your advertising budget. Heck, with $3000, you could start planning your next getaway or vacation.

The rest of this article will focus on how your business can succeed with conversion funnels without subscribing to services such as ClickFunnels. Taking the time to finish this article will be one of the smartest investments you make as a business owner this week, regardless of your industry.

Developing Three Pages

Only three simple pages are required for an effective funnel. While they will be significant for the style and brand of your business, the tools and theme you use won’t change our process.

Here are the three pages you will need to develop:

  1. A page for sales.
  2. Your first OTO, (One Time Offers) page.
  3. Your second OTO page.

You will start by creating your page through WordPress. With PageBuilder, you’ll be able to choose a template and edit the sales page. The process will be the same for your other two pages.

If building web pages is new to you, don’t worry. The process isn’t as complicated as you may think. One of the greatest advantages of WordPress is how user-friendly they make EVERYTHING. Almost every step will include a tutorial and how-to video.

If you do happen to find an issue that isn’t addressed through WordPress, chances are you’ll be able to find a video on YouTube in regard to the matter.

Handsome Checkout complete with order bump.

You will be able to develop an attractive checkout page that converts in around a minute through Handsome Checkout. Because you will be doing this through WooCommerce, which is owned by WordPress, there won’t be any fees or charges. You will be able to accomplish this for free.

You can build these checkout pages right away because Handsome Checkout integrates with WooCommerce.

Before you finish, you will also be given the opportunity of adding an Order Bump on every checkout page you create. This is an awesome opportunity to raise your Average Order Value or AOV.

There are many templates to choose from with Handsome Checkout and each one of them has Order Bumps available.

Make upsells as simple as a click of the mouse.

One of the best things you can do for your digital marketplace is adding post-purchase One Click Upsells. It’s less difficult to make an additional sale to a customer you already have than the process of selling to someone new to your business.

The longevity of the business relationship you have with the customer isn’t important. If they have given you their money once, they are more likely to do the same again. Because you’ve obviously already completed the process of establishing trust with them, not as much effort will be required on your part in terms of sales.

Because of this, it simply makes sense to focus more of your time on upsells with a funnel page than it does marketing to a new audience. Spend some time completing a little research. In terms of history with the items you’re selling, which products or services do you offer that best go along with the deal? This is where you want to focus your attention.

Test the funnel you’ve created.

You might be surprised by how many businesses lose customers because they don’t spend time testing the funnel they have developed.

It’s not only about making sure everything works properly. The entire idea of online shopping is it’s convenient for buyers. Now that you’ve completed your funnel, where can you give extra attention to detail? What could you do to make the process quicker for customers? Yes, completing the sale is major. That being said, making sure they return is equally important.

Spend time reviewing each of the pages you’ve created. Is the content short and to the point? Are the objectives clear? Do you spend too much time giving the potential customers something to think about? Answering each of these questions is part of building a successful sales funnel.

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