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How to Choose Your Perfect Order Bump

Adding an Order Bump on your checkout page is one of the fastest ways to boost your sales. An Order Bump allows your customers to add a complimentary item to their cart directly on the checkout page. It’s like the stick of gum when you’re checking out at the grocery store.

If you’re like most people we work with though, choosing the product for your Order Bump can become a challenge.

And that makes sense because there’s more that goes into it than JUST choosing the product. You have to think about the copy you’re going to use and a few other things. So to help you out, we put together an Order Bump Idea List. 

Inside you’ll immediately see how easy it is to put together several Order Bump offers so you can start testing and understanding what works best for your audience. 

If you use our product Handsome Checkout, where Order Bumps are currently available for every plan, be sure to review this as soon as you can!

Sample Order Dump

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