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Finding The Best Niche For Your WooCommerce Store

Browsing e-commerce advice blogs and social media groups, you’re going to see many questions and plenty of advice about the topic of niche. Every article and post seems to emphasize the critical importance of finding your ideal niche to be successful. They’re right for the most part, but few have practical, specific strategies you can use or advice for finding your best niche. WooCommerce specializes in ready-to-use e-commerce systems, but finding your e-commerce niche is also a crucial component of your success. Let’s look at some real-world, practical ways you can find the best niche for your WooCommerce Store.

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What’s A Niche Anyway?

In short, it’s the focused category for the products you sell. Sportswear is a broad niche, but yoga attire narrows down your offerings to a specialty. Choosing your niche is the foundation of your e-commerce brand and your target audience/market, so you need to choose carefully to give your business the greatest chance for success.

Why Your WooCommerce Store Needs A Niche

There are online retailers and shops that can cater to every product need and desire imaginable. has built its entire brand around the concept. Ebay, and other retail giants have also made their niche by offering thousands of items. With the capital and commercial clout they carry, it’s easy for them to create their own niche.

If you’re a small to medium-sized business owner though, you need to be an exclusive source that offers one highly desirable and sought after product. It’s a fundamental principle of retail: The more limited supply is, the greater the demand you will see for your product. The important thing to remember when choosing your niche is to avoid offering too much and take on more products than you can move.

Why You Should Start With a Niche, Not A Product

Setting smart business goals demands that your objectives be tightly focused and highly specific. Don’t set out to “build a large, profitable e-commerce business”; instead, choose to be the premier retailer of a specific, highly sought after product. It’s much easier to focus on one product and market it across a broad audience. Here’s how you find the niche that’s right for you and your e-commerce site:

Follow Your Passion

Simple plans are usually the best in execution. That’s why following your passion to find your best niche is so effective. Choosing a niche product you are truly passionate about sharing and selling is the strong foundation on which businesses are built. Building an e-commerce business means that you will need the staying power to get you from launch to your goals. When you’re exhausted and want to quit, true passion about what you do and what you offer is what will sustain you through the tough times and setbacks. Follow your passion to your best niche, and you will find the success you seek.

Do Some Research On Keywords

Passion is important, but second only to passion is knowledge. Educate yourself about the things in life you are passionate about. Fashion, technology, gadgets, toys or whatever else inspires your passion needs to be researched carefully and thoroughly. You need data to find that right product and the right audience. Running some keyword searches through analytics and search engine metrics apps helps you narrow the field of what people search for that they can’t find. All that remains is for you to find it for them and become an exclusive source.

Scope Out Your Competition

Like keyword research, seeing what your competition doesn’t sell can be instrumental in finding that perfect niche for your new WooCommerce store. It’s also good to know if there are already several other sites or stores that have a lock on a particular niche, too. You want to offer products where there are more demand and less competition, so you need to know who you’re competing with and what they offer to find that perfect niche.

Start By Looking For High Dollar Options

Some e-commerce entrepreneurs start out by taking the scattershot approach to product offerings: they offer hundreds of discounted and low-price items in the hopes that some of these will catch on and become good sellers. The problem with this method is how it skips the critical step of educating your customers about your product before, during and after the sale. Education is what keeps people from returning items they believe do not work as intended or at all. It’s much more effective to focus on one or two high-dollar products to sell and invest in your customer relationships and how they will use your product. That sense of personalized attention and exclusivity is what builds profitable, successful e-commerce stores.

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Final Thoughts

Finding your best niche is easier than you think. Follow your passion, research the perfect product, see what the competition is selling and focus on high-dollar items that establish a long term customer relationship. A combination of all four strategies is a surefire way to ensure that your WooCommerce store takes off like a rocket at launch and keeps on climbing for many successful years to come.

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