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So How Important is a Woocommerce One Click Checkout Anyway?

If you use WooCommerce, then you know it’s loaded with a ton of features that help you run a successful digital storefront. This is why literally millions of websites around the world are powered by WooCommerce.

As great as it is, though, it doesn’t come with everything you need. Fortunately, WooCommerce also gives independent developers the ability to create their own plugins to help personalize and upgrade their WooCommerce storefront.

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Getting customers to place an order and get through the sales funnel as quickly as possible is one of the main goals of WooCommerce. Statistics show that the longer it takes to checkout, the more chances are that a customer will abandon the sale and go somewhere else. However, what happens after the customers has made his or her purchase?

This is where upselling comes into play — and sadly, WooCommerce is not set up for this.

What is Upselling?

You’ve probably heard the term before, but just in case you haven’t, let’s take a second and make sure we understand what upselling is and why it’s so important.

Upselling is the practice of getting a customer to add on to his or her purchase. This practice has been around basically since the beginning of sales itself, and is a proven method of increasing sales. In its most successful form, upselling adds on to a customer’s existing order with items related to his or her initial purchase. The customer intends on spending so much money, but instead ends up spending even more.

How Successful is Upselling?

The great thing about upselling is that it is a wildly successful method of generating increased revenue. Because the customer is already in your store, planning on spending money, it’s not that much of a stretch to get them to spend just a little more.

In fact, most studies show that successful upselling campaigns generate as much as 15% more revenue — and the best part is that the store owner does not really have to do much of anything: the customer is already there, money is already being spent; it’s simply a matter of “nudging” the customer in the right direction.

The Problem with WooCommerce

As successful a technique as upselling is, you’d think then that WooCommerce would make it easy to do. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

This is where WooCurve comes in. In an effort to add an automatic upselling feature to WooCommerce, Chris Mason created the One-Click Upsell. This feature automatically generates an upsell opportunity for your customers — an opportunity that has been shown to result in an increase in revenue.

Using the One-Click Upsell

So, how does it work? It’s very simple.

The genius of the One-Click Upsell is that it is set to generate automatically after a sale has already been made. So, John Q. Customer comes along and makes a purchase. WooCommerce takes him through the usual sales funnel, resulting in a sale. After that, before the customer leaves the digital storefront, the upsell takes place.

What is being offered in the upsell? Well, that’s completely up to you. One-Click Upsell gives you the chance to personalize your upsales funnel, offering various items at prices that are all dictated and customized by you. Typically, though, the upsell offer is a special, “one-time” offer designed to let the customer know that if he or she doesn’t take advantage of this deal right now, they are going to miss out.

The customer sees the offer and decides whether or not to jump on it. Since the customer’s credit card information has already been entered into the site, all it takes is literally one click — no more information needs to be entered, and no more pages need to be clicked through in order for the extra sale to happen. Because it’s so easy, and because adding that “extra” purchase doesn’t seem so bad to a customer since the first sale has already happened and is out of the customer’s mind, the result is more often than not an extra sale without any added work on your part at all!

If the customer decides to pass on the offer, it’s no problem. You can actually set One-Click Upsell to present multiple offers — so a “no” on the first one doesn’t end the transaction. Multiple upsell and downsell offers can be chained together. The customer is free to leave at any time, and the real beauty is that the original purchase has already happened, so you don’t have to worry about losing that initial sale!

If you would like to know more about One-Click Upsells and how it can work for you, please visit WooCurve to see for yourself!

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