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How to Create Offers that People Care About – with Chris Lema

Chris Lema is currently Liquid Web’s VP of Product. He previously worked as the CTO at and helped scale that site to handle 2,000 add-to-cart events per minute.

He knows how to launch a new product and how to make sure your site can handle the traffic associated with a successful product launch.

That means dialing in your WooCommerce checkout pages, upsells, site speed…all the nitty gritty.

During this interview, Chris reveals:

  • The most important choice you can make when you first set up your website to ensure that your growth goes smoothly.
  • What you have to know about what’s powering your online store… and how it can slow your site down (not good), or when done right, give your visitors a positive experience… which will lead to more sales.The questions you must ask when choosing a hosting option for your ecommerce site.
  • Why the solution to your site performance issues may not be to get a better hosting service… even if that’s what your developer is telling you.
  • And much, much more.

For more on what Chris is up to with Liquid Web, click here.

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