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Three Best Countdown Timers for WooCommerce

The nature of the way people shop today has shifted from traditional stores to online. The setup of the business and the transactions in the online stores is Ecommerce. Over the last several years Ecommerce has grown significantly. But continuing the increase in Ecommerce sales is important to a business’ financial health. One way to get online shoppers to continue purchasing your products is to make them think they need the product or are getting an unbelievable deal. Using a countdown timer will help aid in the purchasing decision because once the timer reaches zero the deal goes away.

The Importance of Countdown Timers

The main reason you will want to use countdown timers on your Ecommerce site is to limit the amount of time a customer has to buy a product. A counter can provide a sense of scarcity and urgency for a product. When you use scarcity in Ecommerce, you are showing the customers the number of pieces remaining. A counter that shows the remaining pieces shows customers the popularity of that product or service. As the counter reaches the smaller numbers, it creates a sense of urgency with the customer. The customer begins to feel that he or she needs to purchase that product or service before it is all gone.

The countdown timers are an e-retailers tool to help boost the sales. The e-retailers are telling the customers when it’s gone it’s gone. An e-retailer must make sure to keep their integrity and not lie about the amount of available stock. Playing games like only putting 100 pieces online and saying sold out for a specific deal is okay. But putting the 100 pieces online one day and selling out the product but then miraculously finding additional stock to put on sale will ruin your reputation. People will not trust your company.

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Tools for Countdown Timers

There are multiple tools that you can use for countdown timers. These tools include deadline funnel, finale by XL plugins, elementor countdown widget and thrive ultimatum. Each of these software tools helps you track customers and possible leads.

First is Deadline Funnel. Deadline Funnel is set for a specific amount of time for each of your subscribers. You can create various funnels for your online store like new user discounts, flash sales or special sales. This tool tracks and gathers information on the visitors. The software will look for cookies, IP addresses or an email address and then retrieve the information about the visitor and store the information in a database. Coupling the countdown timer with Deadline Funnel will allow an e-retailer to gain vital information about the customers visiting the site. Deadline Funnel can integrate with several existing marketing software

Deadline funnel campaign preview

The next tool is Finale by XL plugins. This tool also allows for you to create multiple discounts for a specific amount of time. These discounts can include flash sales, bulk discounts and recurring sales campaigns. The software will allow you to schedule different sales events for different days and times. This software offers you a wide variety of skins and color schemes to match your website.

Finale countdown timer

Another tool is the Elementor countdown widget. This tool can only be used with the elementor page builder software. This countdown widget will allow you to schedule sales and campaigns. When the timer reaches zero, the sale can no longer be found on the website. This software does give you a variety of styles and colors to match your website.

The final tool that is available for a countdown clock is Thrive Ultimatum. This tool is specific for thrive page builder and does not work with other page builder software. This software gives the user the flexibility in creating sales based on a countdown or timer. Once the sale is over, your customers cannot get that special price. The tool allows you to schedule multiple sales and gear them toward each customer.

Thrive Ultimatum limited time offer countdown timer

When you look at all the tools available, the best choice is Deadline Funnel. This software gives you the most flexibility and variety of options. The ability to schedule sales for each individual based on that individual’s deadline clock helps to increase the Ecommerce sales. Another great benefit for the deadline funnel software is the ability to work with other web builder software.

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