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Copy and Test this Simple One Click Upsell Format

Usually, the simpler you can make something, the more effective it will be. This is especially true in marketing and copywriting. The best part is, the strategies are just out there and you just have to find and copy them to your upsell strategies. I’ve run through a service based listing upgrade so i’m sharing this simple one click upsell format you can apply or mimic on your upsell page to boost response. Also, I’m adding my personal critic or idea on how to improve it.

You should know by now that I LOVE long form copy. Why? Because it converts so well…if you do it right. Oddly enough, long form is one of the best ways to simplify a topic.

But it’s not required for every occasion. Sometimes, “short form” is the way to go.

I recently signed up for a service called Magic. It’s a virtual assistant service that a friend recommended to me. This isn’t a review of their service. I haven’t even used them yet.

But their one click upsell page was both unexpected and simple.

If you have a service based business or offer different membership levels this is a format you might want to consider testing. There are a lot of things they get right here.

And there is one thing they could do to boost response.

I cover it all in my video review below:

If you want to know more about how to use One Click Upsells for your WooCommerce store, we can help you with that. 

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