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WooCommerce – The Easy Way To Boost Sales with One Click Upsells

As an e-commerce entrepreneur, sales are the core component of your business. However, are you making as much per customer as you should be? All too often, small businesses suffer from a lack of upsells, meaning that they are leaving (potentially) a lot of money on the table over time.

Today we want to talk about the value of upsells, as well as discuss how to incorporate it into your e-commerce company.

What does it mean to Offer an Upsell?

Simply put, offering an upsell is when you convince a customer to buy something in addition to the product they are already receiving. A perfect example of this in action is when you go to a restaurant, and the server or cashier asks if you would like a drink or side with your meal.

For e-commerce, it’s a little different, mainly because you don’t have human cashiers, and you may not be selling products that benefit from simple “side” options. However, we’ll get into upsell strategies in a little bit.

Why are Upsells Valuable?

When starting your business, the primary goal is to boost your total number of sales. When you first began, perhaps you had 10 customers per day. Over time, you raised that number to 50 customers per day.

After a while, though, you can only do so much to increase the amount of traffic coming to your site. However, you can still improve your profitability through upsells. Even if your customer count remains stagnant, your sales can grow when you have an effective upsell campaign.

And in fact…

Simply put, this process is a quick and easy way to increase your profit margin per customer. Rather than having an average of $50 per person (for example), your average may grow to $60 or $70 with one click upsells.

Another advantage of this process is that you can build better customer relationships. Perhaps your leads came to your site for one reason, but they discover that you can help them solve additional problems through one click upsells. Overall, you can add value to the shopping experience and ensure that customers will continue to come back for more.

How to Incorporate One Click Upsells in WooCommerce

As we mentioned, this industry can be a bit more challenging. There is a fundamental difference between a smiling cashier asking if you’d like to add a drink to your order and clicking on a button on the computer. However, just because it’s not as easy doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Here are a few examples of adding upsells to your WooCommerce funnel.

Discount a Double Order

If you’ve ever been to the mall, then you know that BOGO stands for “Buy One, Get One.” While you don’t necessarily want to give away a free product with each sale (effectively cutting your profits in half), offering a discount on multiple orders is an excellent sales strategy.

For example, if the customer is buying one pair of shoes, you may offer a second pair for half off. The customer sees the discount and is inspired to increase his or her order accordingly.

Offer Subscriptions

If you sell products that people have to refill regularly, then offering a subscription service is an excellent way to create long-term sales. The customer benefits from the added value of subscription reminders, and you get the benefit of reliable and consistent sales.

website subscription system

Make it Easy

No matter what your upsell strategy may be, the thing to keep in mind is simplicity. If the customer has to navigate through additional menus to buy an extra item, the process won’t be worth it. Instead, a one-click option is fast and efficient, and you can get immediate benefits from it.

Test Different Ideas

Chances are that you’re already thinking of different ways to upsell various products or services on your site. However, how can you make sure that these ideas are going to work? Here’s a step-by-step guide to ensuring success with one click upsells.

  • Step One: Brainstorm Possibilities
  • Step Two: Find the Best Two
  • Step Three: Run an A/B Test Sale With Both Options
  • Step Four: Analyze the Numbers
  • Step Five: Remove the Lesser-Selling Product

Call to Action

Another excellent way to upsell is to make it a limited-time offer or to tie it to a particular threshold. For example, if a customer spends $50 or more, he or she is entitled to a deep discount on something else.

call to action

Overall, by putting some immediacy into the upsell, you can spur better results. Customers don’t want to miss out on a great deal, and if they are close to the threshold already, it makes sense to buy more to get the benefits.

Bottom Line: One Click Upsells Add Value

One objection business owners have to upsells is they seem too pushy. All too often, the prospect of upsells brings to mind images of a used car salesman trying to get people to sign up for unnecessary “upgrades” like undercoating.

However, just because that’s the way some people do it doesn’t mean that you have to follow suit. Instead, think about the value that the upsell offers to the customer. He or she is already coming to you for something, so why not try to make that experience even better?

Upsells don’t have to be hard sells, they can be additional products the customer already wants, or they can be upgrades that will improve the enjoyment of the item already being bought. As long as you take that approach to offering one click upsells, you will get the results you want.

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