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Do You Need Upsells AND Order Bumps in Your WooCommerce Store?

Have you ever wondered whether or not it’s redundant to use both an Order Bump on your checkout page AND post purchase One Click Upsells?

It’s a really good question and one of our customers wrote in asking for my opinion. I thought I’d share my response here for you all as well. 

See this customer has been using One Click Upsells for a while and was looking at Handsome Checkout. And as you know, one of the features you have with Handsome is​​​​​​​ the ability to add an Order Bump to your checkout page. 

Both the Order Bump and One Click Upsells increase your Average Order Value (AOV). So are they redundant?

No. And here’s why.

There’s a saying in the copywriting world that goes like this:

“Price determines length.”

This means, in general, the more expensive a product is the more copy or “selling” you’ll need. A $19 product doesn’t need a 10 page sales letter. 

​And a $100 product won’t require as much copy as a $2,000 product.  Now think about the space you have for an Order Bump (see below). 

  Pretty limited right? The limited space also limits your price. You can think of an Order Bump like the pack of gum in the checkout line at the grocery store. It doesn’t require much thought and there’s very little risk to adding that to your cart total.

But think about the space you have for a post purchase One Click Upsell. It’s wide open. You can offer a much higher priced product because you have more room for copy, testimonials, videos, etc…
And if your customer says NO to your first offer, you can offer a down sell. 

Here are three reasons​​​​​​​​ you can’t ignore One Click Upsells even if you’re using an Order Bump:

1. There’s a big difference between “almost customers” and customers. Order Bumps sell to people who are “almost” customers because they only appear on your checkout page. Upsells sell to actual customers after they’ve purchased. Never under estimate the power of selling to someone who has just become a customer even if it happened two seconds ago. When someone is a customer, the relationship has changed. This person has parted with cash for your product or service. And that gives you a BIG psychological advantage that you don’t get with an Order Bump alone.

2. Price determines length. With an upsell, you have space to use sales copy or Video Sales letters to really sell your offer. This is why you can sell a more expensive product when you use One Click Upsells. 

3. Try, try again. With an Order Bump you have one shot. But with One Click Upsells you can line up multiple upsells and downsells​​ as part of your post purchase funnel.  Hidden Content As you can see, Order Bumps and post purchase One Click Upsells work really well together. And if you have the ability to use both, it’s something you should be testing. If you want to learn more about how One Click Upsells can help your business, we have some information for you here. And if you want higher converting checkout pages with an Order Bump capability, you can learn more here.

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