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Easy One Click Upsell Set Up to Optimize Your WooCommerce Funnel

The original funnel sales model has been around for over a century. It’s lasted this long because it works, and when optimized properly it can drive the sales you need to establish lasting success for your eCommerce business. The problem is many sales funnel models aren’t right for every business. For example, if your sales funnel for your site isn’t using a One Click Upsell feature, you’re leaving money on the table with every transaction.

Do You Have One Click Upsell?

One Click Upsell is a post sale technique aimed at capitalizing on your buyers’ trust. It stands to reason that once you have convinced a prospect to buy a product or service, their trust in you is at its peak.

Why One Click Upsell Works

They just gave you money, and they’re excited about their new relationship with your business. Most eCommerce sites just push their buyers to the thank you page and hope they return for more purchases in the future. You don’t need to rely on hope to boost your sales, though.

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By adding a One Click Upsell plugin like Upstroke to your site, you can offer that next purchase immediately. It’s a proven technique that nets more sales without adding to your marketing and cost-per-add, and it’s easy to integrate with your existing sales funnels. Here’s how it works.

The Basics of One Click Upsell

Step 1

Pick a name for your funnel in the Woocommerce Upstroke plugin. If you already use WooCommerce, the process is streamlined significantly, but it can be applied to other models as needed. Next, you pick the trigger product or category that will trigger this particular sales funnel.

Step 2

Decide what product you’ll offer customers post-purchase. Most find that one time discounts and custom checkout pages pre-populated with buyer information for the upsell are best. WooCommerce lets you choose from hundreds of pre-designed templates, which means less time tweaking and configuring on your own or paying your web developer to make the changes for you.

Step 3

There’s always the possibility customers who’ve made a purchase will turn down your upsell. Choose an additional offer for your upsell funnel to pop up whether they make an upsell purchase or not. Many eCommerce sites use this as an opportunity to offer discounted clearance items, as buyers tend to view these as special bargains that are limited-time or one-time-only offers.

One Click Upsell with Upstroke on WooCommerce offers you unprecedented control of your post-sale offers, and if you choose a template you can even insert custom offer pages or a video sales letter for increased impact.

The best part about using Upstroke via WooCommerce? Your customer doesn’t have to re-enter any of their information. The system uses the information from their initial purchase, charges additional purchases to their credit card from that purchase and adds their upsell item to their original order.

Why Use WooCommerce One Click Upsell?

There are many reasons Upstroke gives you the most for your money, but here are a few of the key features you’re going to want for your One Click Upsell solution:

Smart Tracking and Reporting

Tracking your revenue from Upstroke offers is essential to the effectiveness of the technique. You need hard data to tweak your upsell offers and pages, and knowing which funnels to promote and which to eliminate is critical to getting the most from your Upstroke plugin and optimizing your upsell program.

Facebook Pixel Integration

Want to know what offers are viewed, abandoned or converted? Upstroke can generate reports for Facebook tracking pixels or any tracking pixel you use on your offers to collect analytics. Tracking information is an integral component of refining your upsell offers and pages, and tracking pixel data collection is a must-have feature.

Customize Upsell Offers Whenever You Want By Yourself

Tired of waiting on a web developer or site administrator to make changes to your offers and website? Upstroke lets you customize and alter any on-page offers and discounts for upsell pages. That means no more waiting for your website team or person to put your requested changes onto the site. All you have to do is login to the control panel and make the changes yourself with a few clicks and some brief typing.

Smart Skip

Is a customer in your sales funnel buying an upsell product? No problem! You can configure your upsell offers to skip to the next product on the upsell recommendations list derived from what’s already in the cart.

Smart Triggers

There are roughly a dozen ways you can configure to trigger your upsell. You can select individual product triggers, product category triggers, product tags and customer location. Better still, you can even set up a trigger specifically for first time buyers to capitalize on that optimal trust in your company and your products.

Ready to start driving that sales revenue beyond even your most optimistic projections? Check out Upstroke on WooCommerce, and learn more about how you can stop leaving money on the table and get more from every sale.

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