How to Come Up With Better Headlines Even If You Hate Writing

Want to know one skill that will do more for your WooCommerce business than anything else? Actually this goes for any business. It’s simple. Learn how to write better headlines. If you’re not sure what a headline is, here’s a list. Headlines refer to: Email subjects lines The names of your products Those big bold […]

Two Words that Will KILL Your Upsell

Want to know the two words that will absolutely kill your upsell conversions? It’s interesting because the words themselves are actually kind of nice. Some might even say “cute.” Not me…but some. Isn’t it odd that a cute, nice, two word phrase can do so much damage? I’m talking napalm in a paper factory damage. […]

Building a $150 Million Offline Business Using the Eternal Truths of Direct Marketing – Brian Kurtz

Brian Kurtz runs Titans Marketing, helping six-, seven-, and eight-figure companies reach their next level of success. Before that Brian ran Boardroom, a legendary direct marketing company. In this interview Brian shares some of the most important eternal truths of direct marketing. As you listen, you’ll hear: How understanding past direct marketing strategies can offer […]